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ORIX Fleet Management at Phil Gilbert Kia

Need your vehicles to flex with your business needs?

Phil Gilbert Kia has partnered with one of Australia’s leading Fleet Management providers, ORIX Australia. ORIX can take care of the day to day management of your fleet through flexible leasing, rental and mobility solutions that can lower your cost of operation and minimise the burden of managing your vehicles.

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Hello from Matt Clarke, Fleet Manager at Phil Gilbert Kia
Stock No Carline Model Description Colour RRP Sale Price Saving  
1002330 CARNIVAL S 2.2L T/D 8Spd DCT 8Seat Wagon MY21 KA4 Silky Silver $54,436.00 $53,190.00 $1,246.00 Enquire Now
1002345 CARNIVAL S 2.2L T/D 8Spd DCT 8Seat Wagon MY21 KA4 Silky Silver $54,436.00 $53,190.00 $1,246.00 Enquire Now
1002375 CARNIVAL S 2.2L T/D 8Spd DCT 8Seat Wagon MY21 KA4 Panthera Metal $54,436.00 $53,190.00 $1,246.00 Enquire Now
1002462 CARNIVAL S 2.2L T/D 8Spd DCT 8Seat Wagon MY21 KA4 Snow White Pearl $54,436.00 $53,190.00 $1,246.00 Enquire Now
1002290 CERATO Sport+ Safety Pack 2.0L 6Spd Auto Hatch MY21 Clear White $33,974.00 $30,710.00 $3,264.00 Enquire Now
1002482 CERATO Sport+ Safety Pack 2.0L 6Spd Auto Hatch MY21 Silky Silver $33,974.00 $30,710.00 $3,264.00 Enquire Now
1002470 CERATO Sport Safety Pack 2.0L 6Spd Auto Sedan MY21 Gravity Blue $31,875.00 $28,527.00 $3,348.00 Enquire Now
1002481 CERATO Sport 2.0L 6Spd Manual Sedan MY21 Steel Grey $27,961.00 $25,027.00 $2,934.00 Enquire Now
1002473 CERATO GT 1.6L T/P 7Spd DCT Sedan MY21 Platinum Graphite $38,173.00 $35,510.00 $2,663.00 Enquire Now
1002368 CERATO GT 1.6L T/P 7Spd DCT Hatch MY21 Sunset Orange $38,173.00 $35,510.00 $2,663.00 Enquire Now
1002405 CERATO GT 1.6L T/P 7Spd DCT Hatch MY21 Clear White $37,648.00 $34,990.00 $2,658.00 Enquire Now
1002149 SORENTO 4WD S 2.2L T/D 8Spd DCT 7Seat Wag MY21 Mineral Blue $55,351.00 $52,019.00 $3,332.00 Enquire Now
1002299 SPORTAGE 4WD GT-Line 2.4L 6Spd Auto Wagon MY21 Sparkling Silver $50,707.00 $47,840.00 $2,867.00 Enquire Now
What is an Operating Lease?

Operating Lease


When you’re running a small business, every dollar counts. That’s why finding smarter ways to the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining a business vehicle can make a big difference.


Finance Lease


If you need a new work car, van or ute to help your business grow, the first step is deciding how to finance that investment. Should you consider a finance lease?


What is a Finance Lease?
What is a Chattel Mortgage?

Chattel Mortgage


Enjoy a hassle free purchasing experience by getting a vehicle now and paying it off over time.


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