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What Makes a Kia Stand Out from the Crowd? | Phil Gilbert Kia

What Makes a Kia Stand Out from the Crowd?

With so many cars on the market, it can feel difficult to come to a choice. However, over the last few years, Kia cars have been increasing in popularity. In this article, we explore what makes Kia as popular as it is.


One of Kia’s biggest selling points is its reliability. Time and time again, Kia passes safety standard tests and appears in dependability lists.

Technological Features

Many modern cars struggle technologically, however, Kia stands apart from the crowd there. The brand actively improves the technological features made available in their cars, improving on aspects like Bluetooth and GPS features, as well as rear-end cameras.


No matter which model the consumer invests in, the Kia design is elegant and attractive. What makes it especially successful, however, is the coupling of strong engine performance alongside the beautiful designs.


There truly is a Kia for everyone. From four-seaters to eight seaters, the Kia team keeps its consumers and their needs in mind and aims to actively meet them. Kia offers practical family cars, alongside smaller cars like the Picanto and Rio. It even has several larger cars, like the Optima and Stinger, which are also comfortable, stylish and reliable. Other range highlights include its Sportage, a 4x4 SUV which has proven popular in the Australian market. Kia even has a pure electric car.


What sets Kia apart from the crowd is the company’s commitment to improvement in all areas of the car, whether that be reliability, safety and design. Continuous improvement is at the forefront of the Kia values, making it a car that adjusts with the changing seasons and needs of its users.

Seven Year Warranty

Not many brands offer such a significant warranty. For the consumer, this should show Kia’s commitment and belief in both its model and the user.


The Kia vehicles range in prices are generally considered affordable for the quality of service offered by the brand and vehicle. Used Kia vehicles are also popular on the market.

The Car for You

The benefits of buying a Kia are numerous. It is a reliable, stylish and well-equipped car that will take you where you need to go. It is no surprise, with all of the hard work and continuous advancements, that Kia cars are well-loved in the Australian market.

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