30 May 2019 · Buyer Tips & Advice

What is a Hail Sale? | Phil Gilbert Kia

You can sometimes find a great deal on a damaged demonstrator at a hail clearance sale. New South Wales was recently plummeted with a hail storm, leaving a lot of residential and commercial property damaged. Along with those casualties include cars sitting outside at dealerships where they are vulnerable to extreme weather events. Most of the time, cars sitting outside at dealerships during hail storms receive minor damage such as some small dents on some panels. However, this minor damage means that the dealership can, of course, no longer sell these vehicles as brand new. These hail damaged vehicles are reduced by thousands in price to be cleared off to make way for new stock.

What to Consider When Shopping for Hail Damaged Cars for Sale

Many buyers who are eager to buy a premium model who care and don’t mind some minor bumps and scratches can get a great deal during these hail clearances. If you don’t mind some minor cosmetic damage, these sales are a good opportunity to get a damaged demonstrator.

It’s important to determine whether buying at a hail sale is right for you. Ensure you have a good understanding of what kind of damage there is to the vehicle and that you are happy to accept it. Traders have an obligation to disclose the full extent of damage to a vehicle. However, once a consumer decides to purchase it, they accept any problems associated with the vehicle such as the cost of repairs and a lower resale value.

If you want to repair the hail damage to the vehicle so it looks brand new again, ensure you look into the cost of doing so as it may be more than you think. Many dealerships have in-house repair and servicing and may be able to offer a deal. Don’t skimp on the cost of repairs as it may undercut the value of the vehicle. In some cases, the cost of removing a couple of dents in the panel may not be worth the trouble.

Buying a Hail Sale Car

Most hail damaged cars for sale have very minor damage and can be driven off as is. Occasionally, some hail sales are selling off cars with a greater level of damage and need to be repaired in order to be roadworthy again. These are called repairable write-offs which will need to undergo a roadworthiness test and a Written-Off Vehicle Inspection (WOVI) following repairs to make sure if it safe enough to drive. An example of such damage is a smashed windshield or smashed headlights or taillights.

Other times, a car can be a statutory write-off, meaning it is so heavily damaged that it is no longer economical or safe to repair. These cars cannot be repaired to a roadworthy standard again except under very limited circumstances and are generally sold off for parts and scrap metal. Make sure to get a damaged vehicle inspected and look up its history on the Written-Off Vehicle Register (WOVR) to ensure you make an informed choice.

Hail Damage Car Sale at Phil Gilbert Kia in Sydney

At Phil Gilbert Kia, on occassion we have a hail damaged car sale. Unlike some cars for sale in hail clearances, our range of cars only have minor cosmetic damage to the paint, panels or windows. If you’re interested in getting a quality damaged demonstrator Kia, visit us at our showroom in Croydon. We also have a wide range of used and new Kia vehicles as well as providing expert advice, financing, service and repair.

Visit our Kia showroom today to discover your next Kia. Contact us today and call (02) 9735 8400 for more information.