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What Happens to My Car between Services? | Phil Gilbert Kia

What Happens to My Car between Services?

It's common knowledge that cars need to be serviced every 6 months or 10,000kms. In this article, we explore what happens to a car between services that makes it so important to bring the car back for a tune-up.


We can see a scratch, but we aren’t able to see the insides of a car – or why it is making that strange knocking noise. Regular servicing checks for everything we can’t see ourselves, whether that be hidden engine damage, a creaky or worn out suspension belt, or even your head gasket. Without regular servicing, the problems will continue to develop and worsen. Your head gasket or pistons may break, for example, and the repairs will cost a small fortune – a problem that could have easily been avoided had you gone in for a regular service. Although your car may be driving fine, it may still maintain hidden damages that worsen between services.

Engine Oil Build-up

Between services, old oil can become sludge in a car. The sludge blocks oil passage in the engine, and when an engine isn’t sufficiently lubricated, it becomes over-stressed and can break down. Taking your car in for a service is the best way to fix this issue.

Decreased Safety

Between services, things with your car may go wrong, decreasing the safety and security of being in the vehicle. Braking, steering and suspension may not work as efficiently as it should. The poor performance of these parts especially can lead to an accident. Compromising your steering and brake abilities to avoid servicing isn’t worth endangering human life.

Poor Fuel Economy

Sometimes parts in cars need to be adjusted, and not doing this can cause your car to work harder than it needs to. Unfortunately, a common side effect of this is poor fuel economy or simply greater fuel use. Fuel efficiency is maximised during servicing.

Increased Running Costs

Between services, things about your car may change.

The combination of poor fuel economy and excessive wear-and-tear lead to increased running costs, not just for fuel, but for all aspects of car ownership. Repairs and insurance are affected.

Void Warranty

Something may also happen to your car between services, such as a crash or ordinary malfunction. If it has not been serviced recently, your warranty may be voided and you will face extensive costs for repair.

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