10 January 2020 · Buyer Tips & Advice

Using the Most Up-To-Date Kia Diagnostic Tools | Phil Gilbert Kia

Using the Most Up-To-Date Kia Diagnostic Tools

Check engine light turning on? Don’t waste hours of your time trying to understand what your vehicle is telling you: instead, get your Kia serviced at Phil Gilbert Kia. Our advanced diagnostic equipment allows our trained technicians to identify and read communication errors easily and quickly, thanks to built-in processors, sensors and microchips.


DIY vs. trained Kia technicians

Diagnosing your car systems without proper knowledge and training of the issue can be difficult at best and frustrating at worst – after all, changing parts on a hunch only to find out that the problem still exists can be quite costly for you. 

That’s why Kia has come up with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to determine why your car may be malfunctioning. When you bring it in for a service, we use a range of equipment, such as OBD2 scanners and more, to diagnose the root cause of your check engine light.

The Kia diagnostic scanning tools we use

If you are experiencing any drivability concerns, such as failure to shift, engine failure, or loss of power, there’s now an easier way that our trained technicians identify problems. Using our new mobile Global Diagnostics System (GDS), this scanner allows us to move around a vehicle, instead of having to connect to your car and return to a fixed computer to read the issue. 

With connectivity via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi functions, the service information can be transferred and updated in real time, allowing for both mobility and convenience.  And, with a clear, easy-to-read screen, it’s even simpler for our trained technicians to view and assess the manufacturer-specific codes.

Our diagnostic scanners are compatible with any Kia model, whether old or new.

What areas of the car can be tested?

Our scanners can reveal a multitude of problems, such as transmission, exhaust systems, brakes, and other major issues within a car’s engine. It can even detect performance issues related to the fuel injector, air flow and coolant, and even coils.

If your Kia isn’t running like it should, consider visiting Phil Gilbert Kia for a diagnostic test.

Nobody knows your Kia like we do

Phil Gilbert Kia is an authorised Kia service centre. We have the latest equipment, diagnostic tools and the know-how to service your vehicle, regardless of the age of the model. With factory-trained technicians on hand, we possess the knowledge to assess your Kia to the full extent. Most importantly, we use genuine parts and accessories to ensure only the smoothest operation of your car.

To book a service with Phil Gilbert Kia, please fill out our contact form today and we will respond as soon as we can.