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Things to Look Out For when Test Driving a Car | Phil Gilbert Kia

Things to Look Out For when Test Driving a Car

The test drive is one of the most crucial parts of buying a car. After all, it should help you decide whether the car you are test driving is the right one for your needs.

Talk to the Dealer

Make an appointment at the dealership before you come in to test drive cars so that they will be able to help you better. Make a checklist with what you are looking for in a car and discuss it with them.

Do you have lifestyle needs that need to be met? For example, do you need extra storage space, room for children, or a car that will be able to go long distances on dirt roads? Is technology important for you? Are you looking for a car that is equipped with a new Bluetooth audio system and an installed GPS? Is the car fuel efficient? Does it take premium fuel?

Test Driving

After discussing the above with the used car dealer, you should begin to test drive cars. When buying a used car, it is important to assess the maintenance and state of the car. Therefore, when test driving a used car, pay attention to any mechanical faults and the general wear-and-tear.

A rattle or a knocking sound suggests engine wear. A good engine should run smoothly and steadily. When the engine is running idle and during acceleration, check for noticeable exhaust smoke. Engine problems exist if the smoke is black, blue or white.

Gear changes should be smooth and decisive, without any knocking noises. Also check for suspension and alignment problems, which may be present if there is vibration, excessive free play or a significant pull to one side. Is it comfortable to steer? Do you have a clear vision of the front and rear? Is the car easy to handle whilst parking? If it’s equipped with cameras, do they work and are they comfortable to use?

When checking breaks, make sure that the car stops smoothly when the brake pedal is pressed. Is the pedal spongy? Is there a wobble or vibration when the car stops? Do the brakes feel over-responsive, or just powerful enough?

When the brake is pressed, the pedal should not sink to the floor, and the car should stop strongly and in a straight line.

Not only should your car function smoothly, but it should also be comfortable to drive in. Does the air conditioner work well? Are you able to easily get in and out of the car? Are there driver select modes?

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