15 April 2019 · Buyer Tips & Advice

The Ultimate Checklist for Buying Your New Kia | Phil Gilbert Kia

The Ultimate Checklist for Buying Your New Kia

As with any important purchase, it’s important to be informed before you sign the deal on your new Kia. This article provides a checklist of what to consider when browsing Kia cars for sale.


Before you make any important purchase, it’s important to research. Here are a few questions to answer and include in your research:

  • What is your budget? Know how much you have to spend and stick to it. Include running costs, service costs, maintenance, fuel and insurance in your budget.
  • What is the warranty on the car? Will you need extras such as an extended warranty?
  • What is important to have in a car for you? Do you need extra seats for your large family? Do you need a car you can drive in the outback?
  • Which model of car will best meet your needs?

Test Drive

After doing some basic research, consider booking an appointment with Phil Gilbert Kia and taking a few cars for a test drive. During your appointment and the test drives, ask yourself:

  • Is this car comfortable to drive? How do you feel in the car?
  • Does the engine work well? Is it quiet to drive?
  • Does the brake work well? Is it easy to press?
  • Does the acceleration meet your needs? Is the ride smooth?
  • Does it meet my needs? Is there enough space for me and my needs? Do I need a bigger car?
  • Is it within my budget? What are the vehicle’s fuel consumption and likely insurance costs?
  • Is it safe and secure? What are the security ratings?
  • Does it meet your technological needs? Do you need a newer or older model? How are the Bluetooth and navigation?

If you’re happy with the car, it’s time to sign the papers.

After Sale

After purchasing the car, remember to arrange insurance before you drive it anywhere. This can be done by calling a range of insurance companies, requesting quotes and choosing the company which best meets your needs. Different companies provide different options. This can only be done after you have chosen the model of the car you are interested in purchasing – or after you have bought it. Within several days of purchase, you should transfer the registration to your name. When bought from a dealer, the dealer completes the registration process during the sale. Don’t forget to ask for a walk-through, such as how to connect your phone to the Bluetooth.

Kia Dealers - Sydney

If you are interested in finding the right car for your needs, come along to Phil Gilbert Kia and speak to our team. Browse a wide range of new and used Kia models. You can even ask about our Kia deals or test drive one of our demo cars before you make the final decision.

Contact us and call (02) 9735 8400. Alternatively, drop by our Kia showroom in Croydon today for more information or to discuss your unique needs.