16 July 2020 · Buyer Tips & Advice

Spring Cleaning Your Kia Interior | Phil Gilbert Kia

Spring is here and summer is coming. What better time than now to get your car looking its best? Getting into a spring clean is a great way to kick the summer off right. But while a full clean is never a bad idea, you don’t have to go all out to enjoy your car like it’s brand-new again.

Take a look here to get an idea for what you can do to get the interior of your Kia looking great. Just in time for that post-lockdown road trip you’ve been planning!

Gather the supplies

Some odd characters will tell you that they find cleaning fun and almost cathartic. But not even they would tell you that it’s fun having to stop and start to go find every bit and piece you need. We recommend that you get everything together before getting started. This will keep you from having to go hunting under the kitchen sink while your car is left out the front half done.

Provided you don’t have any big messes to attend to, all you’ll need is some basic household supplies. If you’re going to be saving yourself the trouble of going out and buying the brand name cleaners though, we absolutely recommend doing discrete spot tests first – just in case they react poorly.

Get vacuuming

Once you’ve got everything together, it’s time to get vacuuming. Getting all the dust, debris, crumbs and all the rest of it cleared away is vital to getting a good result at the end. As it will get all those soluble bits of crud out of the way before you get to the finishing steps.

A great trick here is to use a small soft-tipped brush to get all those smaller bits and pieces out of the places your vacuum might not quite get to. In a pinch you can use an old toothbrush! This will help you get all those hard to reach crumbs out of your seats and have everything looking great.


This step is where the clean freaks tend to come alive. Detailing is where you get down to clearing out trays and glove boxes, polish up handles, clear out any dust around air conditioning vents and along your dash – and just generally let the obsessive streak run free.

You can get most of this done with only a microfibre cloth and a surface spray. But again, check that the cleaning agent you’re using isn’t going to mark up any visible panels. Check it in a discrete spot and wait, and once you’re sure, you can have at it!

Clean down those windows

This step might not be all that important for most – but for those with kids, cleaning your windows on the interior side can make a world of difference. We recommend doing this step last, as this will save you having to go back over your windows a couple times as they catch any spray or smearing from your detailing.

You’d be astounded at what a difference it can make to have a clear view to the outside from all angles. If your spring clean is part of getting ready for a trip down the coast, we know you and your friends and family will love the crystal-clear look out over the sea on sunny days.

Book a clean with Phil Gilbert Kia

Doing it yourself is a great way to get a solid result quickly, but that extra level of polish is one you’ll want the professionals getting sorted for you. With locations in both Croydon and Lidcombe, Phil Gilbert Kia are proud to be where so many New South Wales customers have bought their first Kia. But our goal is not only to meet but exceed our customers at every turn. And providing top-notch cleaning services is part of how we do just that.

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