25 January 2021 · Buyer Tips & Advice

Planning Your Ultimate Caravan Holiday | Phil Gilbert Kia

Today’s border closures and travel restrictions mean many Australians are looking closer afield for their next holiday, and more of us are embarking on road trips and caravan holidays in our own backyard. If you’re planning on packing up a caravan and exploring New South Wales or another nearby state, we’ve got the guide to get you on your way to a successful holiday.

We may not be hopping on a plane just yet, but you can make some amazing memories and enjoy a smooth ride here in Australia.

Before you leave

If hiring a caravan, the hire company is responsible for ensuring it is up to date with maintenance and servicing, but feel free to ask them some questions before you get behind the wheel. If travelling in your own vehicle, carry out some essential maintenance before you hit the road.

  • Carry out a tyre check
  • Make sure brakes are in full working order
  • Check that all lights are working
  • Verify the condition of the jockey wheel, tow bar wiring, fire alarm, fire blanket, gas bottles, toilet, etc.
  • Double check that all external fixtures are in the correct position for travelling
  • Attach towing mirrors to your vehicle
  • Have the towing vehicle serviced
  • Make sure you read up on the state’s towing laws
  • Find out where you can and can’t park, and obtain any necessary permits
  • Review your car insurance to make sure everything is covered

What to pack

Consider ways to evenly distribute the load while making sure you pack everything you’ll need on the trip. Some items that no pro caravener leaves home without include:

  • Vehicle manufacturer’s manual
  • Car navigation unit
  • A first aid kit, including gauze pads, snake bite bandages, band aids, painkillers, burn cream, antiseptic wipes, etc.
  • Jumper leads
  • Full jerry cans
  • Torch
  • Spare batteries
  • Sun protection
  • BBQ and camp stove, or other cooking appliances
  • Fresh drinking water
  • Healthy snacks and non-perishable food

Where to go

There are so many awesome Australia road trips to explore that you’ll never get bored of a caravan holiday. Plan your itinerary before you head off, making sure to schedule in enough stops so you don’t get tired. To start you off, here are some of the most popular destinations in and around New South Wales.

  • Travel the East Coast - got time on your hands? Head from Sydney to Cairns and back again, to experience the beauty of the East Coast and check out the surf beaches, towns and Great Barrier Reef along the way
  • Sapphire Coast - work your way down to Melbourne and enjoy some national parks in between these two great cities
  • The Greater Blue Mountains - travel 1200km through epic mountains, ancient forests and historic towns, while you take in the Blue Mountains National Park, Katoomba, the Three Sisters and more
  • Darling River Run - follow the flow of the Darling River through to the outback to where it meets the Murray River on the VIC border

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