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Pick Kia for Your Business Fleet | Phil Gilbert Kia

Pick Kia for Your Business Fleet

Known for their exceptional quality and dependable service, Kia cars are an intelligent choice for your business fleet. No matter what needs your business has, Phil Gilbert Kia has the vehicles to drive your business further. If you’re interested in minimising operating costs whilst maximising driver safety and productivity, teaming up with Phil Gilbert Kia will be a wise choice.


In any car, business or otherwise, reliability is crucial. Kia’s reputation as a reliable brand is well-known. They are so invested and confident about their vehicles that they offer an unmatched seven-year warranty, therefore keeping their vehicles on the road for longer. For fleet managers, this is particularly attractive. A seven-year warranty decreases costs, paperwork and maintenance time. The warranty also covers defects in material and workmanship, subject to terms and conditions. This means that, at no cost to you, an authorised Kia dealer will repair your new vehicle to correct any problems covered by the new vehicle warranty. With the warranty, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your business fleet will be taken care of.


Reliability is enhanced by the safety features present in Kia vehicles. These include smart cruise control, driver attention warnings and advanced view monitors to increase ease of parking and driving.

Safety Features

Kia models such as the Stinger understand the importance of advanced safety features. Speed limit functions and the autonomous emergency braking are part of the extensive range of assistance systems available. Alongside this, Kia understands that distracted driving sometimes happens on the road. As such, Kia has developed a driver attention warning system. If there is a dip in driver concentration, a warning chime will sound. In the event of a collision, damages will be controlled as Kia ensures high levels of protection, for all passenger and driver compartments.

Modern Technology

Comfortable interiors with innovative technological features are ensured when choosing Kia for your business fleet. Employees will be able to access Bluetooth, radio and other modern technological features with ease and comfort.

Supportive Maintenance Team

When choosing a business fleet, it is important to also consider the degree of support you will be given. Should you have any questions, queries or worries, you’ll want a team that can assist you. With Phil Gilbert Kia, that is ensured. We offer greater customer service, comprehensive national support and an understanding of what is needed to effectively run a business fleet.

Kia Dealers – Sydney

If you are interested in finding the right car for your business fleet, come along to Phil Gilbert Kia and speak to our team. Browse a wide range of new and used Kia models. You can even ask about our Kia deals or test drive one of our demo cars before you make the final decision.

Contact us and call (02) 9735 8400. Alternatively, drop by our Kia showroom in Croydon today for more information or to discuss your unique needs.