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Our Guide to Surviving Holiday Travel | Phil Gilbert Kia

Our Guide to Surviving Holiday Travel

Holidays are a great time for the whole family to get into the car and head off somewhere new, or perhaps to your favourite holiday destination. Long car rides are no fun for anyone, but if you keep in mind that getting there is half the fun, you won’t just survive holiday travel; you’ll enjoy it too.

Good Preparation

As with anything, good preparation is the key to success, and your holiday travel is no different. It sounds counterintuitive, but the better you prepare beforehand, the less stressed and more relaxed you’ll be, and you’ll pass that onto the rest of the family.

Make sure your vehicle is in tiptop shape for the journey by having it serviced and checked by a professional, and don’t forget the tyres. Just knowing you’re unlikely to break down will put your mind at ease, but go one step further and plan your route, allowing for driving conditions such as time of day, crowds, road conditions, roadworks, and toilet/exercise breaks.

Snacks and Games

Being stuck in a car for hours at a time can be a challenge for even the most patient person. By thinking ahead, you can plan exciting games to keep the family busy, pack some music or movies, or even listen to an audio book together. Pack favourite drinks and snacks to keep blood sugar and tempers even, and your holiday travel will become memorable for all the right reasons. You’ll have so much fun that you’ll arrive at your destination before you know it.

Be Willing to Change your Plans

Whenever you stop for fuel or toilet breaks, try to get some walking in and let the kids run around and play for a while to burn off excess energy. Have a family discussion about things you want to stop and see while you’re travelling, and don’t be so rigid in your plans that you can’t change them at the last minute. This is where the Internet is useful for researching local tourist attractions, and often everyone is happier and more relaxed after getting some fresh air and seeing something fun and interesting.

Have Fun

As the old saying goes, it’s the journey, not the destination. While your holiday destination is important, if you include the journey as a part of it, you’ll have a lot more fun. Make sure everyone knows that the holiday starts from the moment you leave the driveway and you can the most of your time together with careful planning and a flexible attitude.

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Be sure to book your Kia in for a service before you go so you know you’ve done your best to ensure your family’s safety and to avoid inconvenient and costly delays.