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My Engine Has Overheated! What Do I Do? | Phil Gilbert Kia

My Engine Has Overheated! What Do I Do?

You’re driving along when you see what looks like smoke or steam billowing from under the bonnet of your car. Your vehicle starts to make grinding and hissing noises when suddenly, your engine just dies and you can’t start it. What just happened? Should you call someone? Is your car repairable? It sounds like your engine just overheated, and while we hope this never happens to you, here are some tips to avoid damaging your engine and having to pay for costly repairs if it ever does.

Gauges and Dash Lights

Modern Kia models don’t often overheat, but if your coolant starts leaking or your water pump stops working, there’ll be a warning light on your dashboard. Your temperature gauge will move into the red zone, and you may have flashing lights indicating a fault with your engine.

This is the time to pull over somewhere safe as soon as you can and turn off the engine before you incur more damage. Continuing to drive can cause all sorts of damage to the engine until it stops completely, and you’ll be left stranded until you call roadside assistance.

Time to Cool Off

If your car has overheated and you’ve called roadside assistance, don’t try to open the bonnet while you’re waiting. It’ll be extremely hot under there and the engine needs time to cool down before anyone can investigate the problem. The best thing you can do is wait patiently for help to arrive.

Causes of Overheating

Unless you’ve sustained some damage on the road such as hitting or driving over something, a new Kia that’s been well-maintained is unlikely to overheat. Older cars can overheat while in hot weather, driving up very steep hills, having the air conditioner on, or towing something heavy. You should check the coolant level in used Kia cars regularly and top up. If you seem to be using a lot of coolant, it might be time to see your local mechanic for repairs.

How to Prevent Overheating

Regular servicing will ensure coolant levels are checked and topped up if necessary, and all your hoses and fan belts are inspected. Get into the habit of monitoring your gauges while driving. They’re there to give a warning if there’s a problem with your engine and should be looked at regularly to ensure everything is all right.

Regular Maintenance

The best way to avoid any problem with your car is to have it serviced by our team of dedicated professionals. We take the time to get to know you and your vehicle, and we’ll keep it in top shape with tailored services at the recommended times.

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