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Kia's Rising Dominance in a Competitive Market | Phil Gilbert Kia

Kia's Rising Dominance in a Hyper-Competitive Market

Late last century most Australians had never heard of Kia, and those that had considered it to be a cheap Korean import best avoided. From those humble beginnings Kia has risen from the ashes to become one of the most popular and reliable cars in Australia, and it continues to revolutionise the car industry with its innovative design features.

A Brief History of Kia

Australia had their first experience of Kia in 1997, just before the car manufacturer went bankrupt, caused in part by the Asian currency crisis of the time.

It was expected that Kia’s biggest shareholder, Ford, would buy the company, but it was one of Korea’s other car manufacturers, Hyundai, that eventually won the deal.

Combined, they’ve become the fifth largest car manufacturer in the world.

Since then Kia has been going from strength to strength, building its reputation and encouraging Australians to take another look and change our opinions.

And we’ve certainly done that.

Competing with Giants

Today’s Kia’s are marvels of technology, and able to compete in terms of design and innovation with the world’s car manufacturing giants.

Investing billions of dollars into research to improve their cars, Kia has come from the bottom of the pile to an award winning range of vehicles that rivals anything the Big 4 car makers have to offer.

Design and Safety Features

Kia has gone all out to improve the safety of their vehicles across the whole range.

Built from high tensile steel, the cars boast a full set of airbags inside, and a specially designed bumper that causes pedestrians to fall onto the car if hit, instead of under it.

With camera and sensor technology, Kia is reinforcing the adage that prevention is better than cure with innovative ways to keep us safe by avoiding impact.

Kia continues to please with stylish, sleek exteriors and futuristic technology inside. Once you sit in the driver’s seat of a Kia, you may never want to get out.


Over the years the quality of Kia has improved exponentially, and today Kia is well known for its reliability.

It’s the only car manufacturer to offer a 7-year factory warranty, and has consistently appeared in the top 10 on various reliability lists, and has been ranked by some car authorities as the number one brand for reliability.

All this has seen Kia sales in Australia skyrocket, so much so that last year the company posted 10.4% growth.

Award Winning Kia Models

Three years running, Kia has scored top honours at the Australia’s annual Best Car Awards, with the Kia Carnival, Kia Sorrento, and Kia Stinger picking up awards.

Part of Kia’s success has to do with the way they take care of their customers, treating them with respect and honesty.

Kia is a customer-focused brand and it already has a solid foundation to build on.

If you want all the design and safety features that modern technology provides, without the high price, take another look at Kia.

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