2 June 2021 · Buyer Tips & Advice

Is Your Car Rideshare Ready? | Phil Gilbert Kia

Ready to be part of the gig economy? If you’re ready to join the millions of drivers already earning with their private car, start here. Ensuring your car is rideshare ready is the first essential step on your way to making money as a driver, so take the time to ensure that your vehicle is up to scratch. To help you start the process of getting involved in this exciting new line of work, we at Phil Gilbert have put together this short guide, allowing you to take the first step towards being a rideshare driver.

Different companies, different restrictions

First, a little disclaimer. In the last five years we’ve seen an explosion in the number of rideshare companies in Australia. Where previously the market was dominated by Uber, recently we’ve seen the market broaden, with companies such as Ola, DiDi and GoCatch start to appear on Australian roads. While this is great for drivers and passengers alike, it does make giving firm guidance about policies that much more complicated. Requirements for cars can vary slightly between services, but there are many commonalities that we’ll catalogue in this post. 

Finding the right vehicle

As a rideshare operator, what you drive is absolutely essential. Recognising their responsibility to their customers, many rideshare companies have stipulated minimum feature and safety levels for all vehicles driven as part of their service. One of the most common requirements is that vehicles be below a certain age – 10 years for DiDi and UberX in Sydney, but 6 years for Uber’s luxury Premier service. The reasoning for this depends on the company, but broadly rideshare providers are looking to provide the highest levels of comfort, convenience and safety to their clients – all of which correlate strongly with a vehicle’s age. 

Speaking of safety, some rideshare providers also require that vehicles not only be roadworthy but carry a certain safety rating. Vehicles in Australia are given a rating from zero to five stars by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). Some providers may require that you only use a car rated five stars when performing services as a rideshare driver. 

Additionally, some providers may also require that your vehicle pass an enhanced vehicle inspection. The specifics of these inspections can vary between providers, but they tend to focus both on the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle as well as its function, broadly covering issues such tyre tread depth, body damage, interior cleanliness and engine compartment condition amongst others.

Get a vehicle you’ll be proud to go to work in  

At Phil Gilbert Kia, we’ve helped rideshare drivers across the Sydney area get behind the wheel of a vehicle that not only ticks all the boxes, but makes working a dream. From spacious SUVs to compact, fuel-efficient hatches, it’s easy to find something that suits your lifestyle, your business needs and your goals at Phil Gilbert Kia. Visit our showrooms at Croydon and Lidcombe or explore our range online and discover how we could help you.