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Is Your Car Ready for Christmas? | Phil Gilbert Kia

Is Your Car Ready for Christmas?

The summer holidays are a busy time for most people, especially around Christmas time. You might be doing more driving than usual with visits to friends and family and holiday road trips, so it’s important to remember to plan ahead and make sure your car has its regular service. It’s also a good time to address any other issues your car might have, no matter how minor, because the last thing you need is car trouble to dampen the holiday fun. Here’s our holiday checklist for your car so you can be properly prepared and enjoy your time away.


You should be checking your tyre pressure and tyre tread regularly but it’s particularly important if you’re loading up the car and driving long distances.

Even stopping and starting in busy city traffic puts a strain on your tyres so make sure the tyre pressure is correct, the tread is within the legal limit, preferably above the limit, and your tyres are in good condition with no visible damage.

The legal minimum tread depth is 1.5 mm but that’s barely sufficient and severely reduces your road grip. New tyres have around 8 mm of tread, so consider changing your tyres when the tread gets down to 3 mm.

Brakes and Suspension

Your brakes and suspension are just as vital for stopping and road handling, and the heavier the vehicle the harder both systems need to work to keep you safe.

Check the brake discs and pads, brake fluid level, hand brake, shock absorbers and other suspension components, and have any strange noises or vibrations checked by an expert.

Electrical System

Often overlooked, your electrical system powers all your headlights, tail lights, indicators, windscreen wipers, air conditioning, power steering and windows, and many other accessories.

Check that all lights are working properly and your wiper blades are up to the job.

Now is the time to get any minor electrical issues repaired by a qualified professional, and have your car battery checked.

Vital Fluids

Your car won’t run without its vital fluids, so check your radiator for coolant and leaks. Check your brake, power steering and clutch or transmission fluid to ensure they’re at the correct level.

Don’t forget to check your oil and also look for signs of fluid leaks under the car when it’s parked.

Professional Safety Check

To save yourself the hassle of doing all that and to give you peace of mind, consider booking your car in for a professional holiday safety check and service.

You can rest assured everything will be thoroughly inspected, including many things you might not have thought of, and any problems can be repaired straight away.

Kia Dealership Sydney

Let us take care of your car service so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing it’s in the hands of our technicians. We also have a huge range of quality parts and accessories to enhance your holiday driving experience.

For your convenience you can even book your service online.

If you’re looking to buy a new Kia, speak to the friendly, knowledgeable team at Phil Gilbert Kia by calling us on (02) 9735 8400 or visiting our Kia showroom in Croydon. For general enquiries about our quality Kia cars, you can also contact us online.