28 March 2021 · Buyer Tips & Advice

Introducing the New Kia Logo & Slogan | Phil Gilbert Kia

You might have noticed some changes here online with Phil Gilbert Kia. We haven’t gone rogue – this is all part of a bigger change-up in brand for Kia at a global level. As one of the newest and biggest retailers of new Kia’s in NSW, we’re excited to be a part of this evolution and to share with you the story behind it all.

An exciting new era for Kia

As a relatively young automotive manufacturer, a big part of what drives Kia is their push to reach further and do more than simply chase the more established automotive manufacturers. Kia has made it clear that they are growing into something more than their roots – acknowledging not only that their relatively short history as a manufacturer gives them the flexibility to do new things in new ways.

This rebrand marks a step into a new era – one that will see Kia reach a new level of maturity as they continue to innovate for a fast-evolving market. Kia’s former slogan ‘The Power to Surprise’ has given way now to ‘Movement that Inspires’. Not completely different, but more a signpost that the way Kia does things is growing and changing to meet the needs of their current market, and the market of the future.

A new Kia logo to match

Along with the change of slogan, Kia have marked their re-brand with a new logo. Replacing the old familiar oval logo, the new badge is a nod to the key ideas and goals of Kia. The design of the new Kia logo is rooted in three concepts – 'symmetry', 'rhythm', and 'rising elements'. The rising gestures throughout the new logo is a symbol of our rising ambition for the new brand purpose, and the values the brand promises to offer customers through future products and services.

Kia has grown far and wide, so it’s only natural that it takes time for the changes to reach Australian shores. Overseas, the first car to sport the new logo is the Kia Cadenza, a mid-size sedan that's available mainly in South Korea and the North American market. The new logo is currently slated to reach Australia on the front of 2022 model Kia’s.

New Kia cars on the horizon

Movement and mobility have always been central to Kia as a brand – even before they made the leap into automotive manufacturing. The brand has a history that starts back in 1944 as a manufacturer of steel tubing and bicycle parts and has grown and evolved over time to become one of the most well recognised names in the car world.

Back in 2019 a forward-thinking concept car from Kia, the Kia Futuron was unveiled at the 2019 China International Import Expo in Shanghai. A fully electric drivetrain, large capacity battery and sleek styling to match the new branding are as good an indication of where Kia sees themselves going in the next couple decades. The concept has now been approved to go to market and the team here at Phil Gilbert Kia look forward to bringing it to Australia soon!

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