11 January 2019 · Buyer Tips & Advice

How to Maintain the Lifespan of Your Kia Vehicle | Phil Gilbert Kia

Kia cars are known for being durable, reliable, and high quality. Kia motors design their cars and all the genuine parts to ensure that you get good value for money and your car lasts for a while. However, as a car owner, there are some things you should be doing to maintain the longevity and efficiency of your car. Here are some basic maintenance tips for your Kia vehicle.

Maintain Your Tyres

Regularly check the pressure in your tyres and make sure you are using the right tyres for the terrain you are driving in. Whether you drive a new Kia car or a used Kia car, driving with low pressure in your tyres can cause balding, severe damage, and even dangerous punctures.

Check Oil Regularly

Make sure to check your engine oil frequently to help your engine running safely and efficiently. It is also important to ensure that you are using the right engine oil for your Kia car model. Your new Kia car or used Kia car should come with a user manual that specifies the type of engine oil to use. However, if you are unsure, you can always come into our Kia service centre and ask one of our friendly technicians for advice.

Pay Attention to Warning Lights

Your Kia car is equipped with a number of warning lights to help you identify whether something is wrong. Pay close attention to these warning lights so you know when there is an issue with your car, and you can get it checked without any delay.

Use Genuine Parts

Using genuine Kia car parts will not only help you maintain the longevity of your car but will also keep its value up if and when you decide to sell it. Kia motors designs high quality car parts, accessories and equipment that are specifically tailored to different Kia car models. Our Kia service centre is fully stocked with genuine Kia parts and accessories.

Get Your Car Professionally Serviced

One of the most important maintenance tips for your Kia vehicle is to get it regularly serviced by the qualified team of technicians at our Kia service centre. When you purchase a new Kia car or used Kia car from our dealership, you are guaranteed a 7-year unlimited kilometre warranty that includes 7 years of capped price servicing.

Make sure to schedule regular servicing appointments at our service centre so you know your car is being thoroughly checked and maintained by professionals.

Book A Kia Service Centre Appointment Today

Although there are some easy ways to maintain your car by yourself, it is also important to regularly get your car professionally serviced. Since our 7-year warranty includes a convenient fixed price servicing feature, you can access hassle-free servicing through us.

Contact us and call (02) 9735 8400 today to book your next servicing appointment, book online, or drop by our Dealership for more car care advice.