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How To Get Your Christmas Tree Home On Your Car Roof | Phil Gilbert Kia

How to Get Your Christmas Tree Home On Your Car Roof

Christmas is an exciting and happy time of the year and choosing the right Christmas tree is a fun family activity everyone enjoys. If you love the look and smell of a fresh Christmas tree there are now plenty of places that sell them, but how do you get it home? If you have a roof rack on your car it’s quite easy to secure your tree on the roof and carefully transport it, but if you don’t have a roof rack there are still ways you can use your car roof to get your tree home. Of course, a delivery service is always the best option but if that’s not possible try our tips for getting your tree safely home.

Protect your Roof

Once you’ve found the perfect tree it needs to be wrapped to protect it and you from damage.

Most Christmas tree farms offer a netting service where they cover the tree in a net to make transporting it safer and easier.

You’ll need to place something between your car roof and the tree to prevent scratches, and to stop the tree sliding around too much. A foam mat is a good choice as it will cushion and stabilise the tree, but an old blanket or a tarp will also do the job.

Position and Secure the Tree Correctly

Be sure your tree will fit on your car roof with little or no overhang, and point the trunk towards the front of your vehicle to reduce wind resistance and damage to the tree.

If you don’t have a roof rack or side rails on the roof, open the car doors and secure the tree along its length with rope around the entire roof, running it inside so it’s held in place by your car doors.

Check that the rope inside the cabin isn’t going to obstruct the driver’s vision in any way.

Bungee cords and ratchet straps can also be used as long as you’re familiar with how they work.

Safety Tips to Consider

Safety for you, your vehicle and other road users is the most important consideration so follow these tips to help you bring your tree safely home:

Wear good sturdy gloves, and make sure you have everything you need before you leave home
Try to avoid travelling on the main highways and keep your speed down
Ensure the tree can’t move at all, in any direction, while it’s on your car’s roof and allow for the added weight, it’s likely to change how your car handles

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