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How Do Automotive Companies Test for Safety? | Phil Gilbert Kia

How Do Automotive Companies Test for Safety?

Before a car can be sold to the public, it has to be tested for safety. Automotive companies test their cars in a number of ways.

Crash Tests

Automotive companies test for safety according to ANCAP safety standards. The most common tests they provide are crash tests, which are administered in a number of ways.


Dummies are used to evaluate the future effects of crashes on people, including drivers, pedestrians and passengers.

Frontal Offset Test

The frontal offset test simulates what would happen if the car hit another car of the same size, going at the same speed. It is also known as the “front-on” or “head-on” crash test.

Full-width test

The full width of the vehicle hits a solid wall at 50km/h, to simulate a common crash that drivers experience.

Side Impact

A 1300kg trolley hits the driver’s side of the car, to simulate a collision of two cars at 90 degrees.

Oblique Pole Test

To assess the degree of damage a vehicle would sustain from hitting a tree, pole or other fixed objects at an oblique angle, this test is carried out. The vehicle is crashed at a 75-degree angle at a speed of 32km/h. The pole is aligned with the driver’s head, and as it is narrow, it also penetrates the side of the car. To receive a high score on this test, strong airbags must be employed within the vehicle.

Pedestrian Protection

This test checks the level of injury that would be done to a pedestrian if they were hit by the front of the vehicle in the real world. The test is conducted at 40km/h, with various dummies and head forms being fired at the vehicle.

Whiplash Test

A significant proportion of all crashes are rear-ended collisions. As such, the whiplash test evaluates the degree of head and neck injury passengers and drivers would receive were they to be involved in a rear-end collision.

At the test centre, a seat from the vehicle is mounted on a test sled and propelled forwards to simulate a crash. The test is conducted at several acceleration speeds, to evaluate different crash severities.

Other Tests

Alongside these crash tests, automotive companies are assessed on their vehicle’s onboard safety features, collision avoidance technologies, as well as mechanical features and equipment.

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