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Getting the Most Fuel Economy out of Your Kia Car | Phil Gilbert

Getting the Most Fuel Economy out of Your Kia Car

With fossil fuels being a finite resource and the constant price rises of the one thing we need to keep our cars going, it’s no wonder most people are mindful of their vehicle’s fuel economy and how to increase it. Gone are the days of the giant fuel-guzzling V8 engines that made the neighbours’ windows rattle when they started. Unless you’re a collector, most people want a smaller, quieter car with the best fuel efficiency they can get.

Enter the Kia

One of the reasons Kia has come out on top in recent years is the car manufacturer’s ability to build stylish cars with all the safety and comfort you expect, the power and space you need, and outstanding fuel economy, all at a surprisingly affordable price.

From the super fuel-efficient Kia Picanto and the Kia Soul for city driving, to the more spacious and versatile Kia Seltos SUV and people-mover Kia Carnival, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll save at the pump.

However, no matter what type of car you drive, there are some driving habits you can adopt that will cut your fuel use.

Don’t Be in a Such a Hurry

Stomping on the accelerator and waiting till the last minute to slam on the brakes not only wears your car out faster and increases your risk of accidents, it also uses up to a third more fuel.

By accelerating slowly and taking your foot off the accelerator when you want to slow down, you’ll arrive at your destination in the same amount of time, you’ll feel calmer, and you’ll have more fuel left in your tank.

Multi-Task your Car Trips

If you have errands to run, try to do them all at once if they’re in the same area.

Plan your trips so you can do as much as you can during each one. It might take a little longer, but you’ll save time and fuel in the long run.

Reduce Drag and Weight

Today’s cars are designed to be aerodynamic, meaning they reduce wind resistance, unless you add things like roof racks.

If you’re not using your roof rack, then take it off until you need it again. While you’re at it remove anything from your boot that you don’t need. Dragging around excess weight uses more fuel.

Maintain your Vehicle

Regular servicing keeps your vehicle in top condition and ensures the engine is running properly for optimum fuel efficiency.

Make sure you’re using the correct fuel for your car. It was designed to run on a specific type of fuel so check your owner’s manual.

Kia Car Dealer

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