1 May 2019 · Buyer Tips & Advice

Get Ready for the All-New Small SUV from Kia | Phil Gilbert Kia

Get Ready for the All-New Small SUV from Kia

In 2019, Kia is unveiling an exciting new small SUV: a fusion of progressive technology, modern craftsmanship and daring design. Take a look at what makes this Kia model so unique.

Bold & Daring

Unforgettable colours and an elegant new design make this SUV bold and daring like no other before. The unforgettable front fascia enhanced by the perfect blend of the wide tiger nose grille and long hood into the LEDs will make your neighbours turn their head when you pass them on the street.

Advanced Design

When it comes to additional features, Kia understands. The new SUV enhances the driver’s seat, making it easier to control the car in a variety of ways, from technology to steering. Drivers will also appreciate the different drive modes, increased accessibility to view their driving performance, as well as the opportunity for smart charging for all phone types.

Smart High Tech

Technology is advancing like never before, and Kia believes that the way forward is through adaption. The luxurious interior offers an exhilarating futuristic driving experience, supplemented by modern, intuitive technology. Features include smart charging, adapted Bluetooth and GPS – and the rest will be a surprise. Ride with class and modernity like never before.

Power? No Holding Back.

As expected with the Kia brand, the new Kia SUV has an impressive engine, giving you the ability to have both a powerful and smooth drive – no matter the road.


Everyone knows a Kia when they see one, and this model builds upon this to create a further wow factor. The distinctive and daring rear design is impressive – and perfectly crafted for city-smart driving. The LED lights on the compact SUV enhance the sportiness and overall elegance of the design.

H2: Unforgettable Driving Experience

The luxurious interior, fitted with everything needed to make your drive soothing and comfortable, makes for an unforgettable driving experience. The comfortable seats provide the family with plenty of leg room, making this car perfect for both short and long drives. Consider both a comfortable cabin and comfortable driving. The car, although compact, remains an SUV, offering the storage space you need when leading a busy life, whilst also staying appropriate for city driving. This SUV will make a welcome addition to the modern family.

Kia Dealers - Sydney

It’s more than a compact SUV. It’s a work of art. If you have any questions about the new surprise Kia is unfolding, or if you are looking to browse at a wide range of Kia cars, come along to Phil Gilbert Kia and speak to our team. Browse a wide range of new and used Kia models. You can even ask about our Kia deals or test drive one of our demo cars before you make the final decision.

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