22 June 2020 · Buyer Tips & Advice

Automatic Transmission Problems & Solutions | Phil Gilbert Kia

Your transmission is one of the most complex parts of your car. When problems emerge, it’s vital that you get them looked at. If left ignored, these issues could have serious repercussions for your car. 

But not to worry. At Phil Gilbert Kia, we understand transmissions. To help you keep your car in top condition, here are few things to look out for.

1. Transmission fluid problems

Check the transmission fluid level of your engine. This can be done by removing the dipstick, wiping it clean and re-inserting it and removing it again. The liquid should ideally be a bright red/pink colour. If it resembles a brown colour then it’s time to replace your transmission fluid.

Additionally, check your driveway or garage floor for liquid residue. The spots may resemble a bright red/dirty dark red colour. This is a sign of your transmission fluid leaking from your car. If this is the case it is best for you to call for a mechanic to get the leak fixed.

2. Weird noises and burning smells

Humming, clunking, whining or any other weird noise under your car is never a good sign. Unusual noises from your car can be caused by a variety of reasons, in many cases they can relate to transmission troubles. While in some cases the root cause could be component failure, a more likely reason is a breakdown of your transmission fluid. As cars age and are driven, the transmission fluid inside the vehicle can lose its protective properties, resulting in the fluid being unable to lubricate all components. This results in greater friction between moving parts of the engine, which you hear as a grinding or whining. Additionally, the friction could give off burning smells as well as components inside the car heat up.

If it’s transmission fluids, the matter could be resolved by simply replacing the fluid. In other cases, your car is best left at the hands of a qualified automatic transmission mechanic.

3. Gear problems

Automatic transmission gears should work smoothly by default. Any sign of grinding, slipping, or non-responsiveness while in gear/switching gears could mean you have transmission issues. While in some cases the root cause can be minor and easy to correct, this is a serious problem. Get your car professionally inspected to ensure that it’s nothing substantial.

Let qualified professionals take a look

Sometimes fixing transmission problems are as simple as replacing transmission fluids. Other times, it gets a bit more complicated. Therefore, it's always advisable to let qualified professionals take a look at your car’s transmission problems.

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