5 January 2021 · Buyer Tips & Advice

5 Things to Know About Dash Cams | Phil Gilbert Kia

The dash cam is the humble car accessory that’s used to protect motorists against potential insurance scams and liability in an accident that wasn’t their fault. This small digital device that’s placed on the dashboard has become one of the most popular automotive accessories, offering a standout benefit of catching footage that can be used as evidence if necessary.

But do you know everything you should about dash cams? In this guide, we’re going to cover some facts about dash cams, as well as tips to use them, and their benefits.

1. There’s more than one way to install a dash cam

The way a dash cam is powered affects who is able to install the device. If a dash cam just requires a portable battery or cigarette lighter socket to work, then anyone can fit it to the car. However, if the cam has to be hardwired into the vehicle, a professional will take care of installation. The most effective solution is hardwiring to the car, as this delivers a constant supply of electricity from the car’s battery.

2. You can upgrade to “Parking Mode” for extra reassurance

Some dash cams come with parking mode included, meaning recording continues even when your vehicle is parked up and the ignition isn’t running. Parking mode usually runs on a motion detection system and can be beneficial for car owners - particularly if you regularly park in an area where vandalism is high. Even in cases where vandalism isn’t a concern, running the camera while parked up could come in useful if another driver accidentally damages your vehicle and doesn't leave a note. You can use the footage when claiming on your insurance.

3. If you’re recording in public, dash cams are not an invasion of privacy

As long as you’re recording in public, dash cams are not classed as an invasion of privacy. However, if you record a private conversation or another private activity between other people, then it does become an invasion of privacy. You’re legally allowed to record occupants in your vehicle, as long as they’re made aware of the camera.

4. It’s important to choose the right SD card

Choosing the right SD card can be difficult - there are so many sizes and capacities available. For all HD cams, use an SD card with 64GB or more capacity. Pay attention to the card’s rating and recommended uses; you can speak to the manufacturer of the dash cam for advice on the best SD card for you.

5. Dash cams offer perks when it comes to insurance

It’s estimated that around 1 in 4 Aussies use a dash cam while driving. They can be used to prove fault in an accident and even help police with investigations. Although most insurance providers don’t offer a discount on car insurance premiums (as of yet), there are some other perks, such as being able to keep your no-claims bonus and not having to pay an excess when you’re not at fault.

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