Welcome to Phil Gilbert Kia

At Phil Gilbert Kia we consistently strive to meet and exceed our guests expectations. As a Dealership we acknowledge the importance of our guests’ satisfaction and our whole team work hard to ensure that there is a culture of guest satisfaction throughout the Dealership. We have several measures in place to ensure that all guests leave our Dealership happy with the product that they have purchased and the service that they have received. We also have measures in place to ensure that any complaints or issues affecting guest satisfaction are dealt with efficiently, fairly and with empathy.

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Our Promise and Vision

Our Promise

To look after our staff, who look after our guests, and in turn look after our Stakeholders.

Our Vision

  • We must be innovative
  • We must be highly-personalised and tailor the guest experience
  • We must be easy to do business with

Guest experience is central to everything we do at Phil Gilbert Kia.